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Meet the team that works for you

What makes Aboveline different from other agencies is that we don’t just build stands – we build relationships. The way we work means you can be sure that every member of our team is involved, and focused on one thing – building the perfect marketing solution for you, and making sure your event is a success.

And to us, EVERYTHING matters, the initial concept, the design, the building of your structure, the transport and installation, the facts and figures, they all go together to produce the results you need.

So here’s the Aboveline team – they want to know your business!

From left to right

Oliver Hambleton, Christine Noblett


Your first point of contact will be our sales and marketing team, who will get to know your company and its needs, what you want to achieve, and work with you to find the best possible way Aboveline can help you reach your goals.


The next stop is the Aboveline design department, where our creative team will suggest amazing ideas for your stand, and create detailed visuals so you can see what the finished product could look like.

From top to bottom

Adam Farrall, Mike Thompson, Giles Fisher

From left to right

Tim Hartin, Georgie Bates, Lou Davies


Our Project Management team is the central hub of the Aboveline operation. They make sure your project is organised down to the last detail, all boxes are ticked, and everything is in place to guarantee that your event goes exactly according to plan.


Our operations team make sure the detailed plan created by the project management team is perfectly coordinated, working between the office and the workshop to make sure everything happens on schedule.

From left to right

Leon Smith, Scott Cochrane

In the box from left to right

Pat Procter, Dan Saner, Kris Hardy, Simon Davenport, Scott Cochrane, Dan Smith


Where we turn the concept into reality – this is where our multi-skilled team of craftsmen turn your design into a physical structure. It’s also where you can have a pre-build showing of your stand, to make sure everything is perfect for the big day.


Payments in and out are essential to make sure everything runs smoothly, so our finance team is a key part of the Aboveline operation. It’s vital that all payments are managed efficiently, to ensure that your project is delivered exactly to plan.

From left to right

Alice Lucas, Victoria Hollinshead