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Exhibitions can be extremely non-eco-friendly events, often generating heaps of packaging and paper waste. However, exhibitors can make a stance on this environmental impact by moving away from the single use stand. Typically, a bespoke stand structure is built for one show and then scrapped straight after the event. However, creating a multi-use product which can be re-purposed for multiple shows, will reduce environmental impact significantly and offer many additional benefits to your business.

Extend your lifespan.

Aboveline’s multi-show agreement is designed to prevent any wastage, extending your bespoke stand’s lifespan across multiple events, while promoting sustainability. Following a difficult year for many businesses, our agreement is cost-effective meaning you can showcase your brand at several shows without needing to splash out on several stands. Participating at multi-shows with your stand means you can get back on track with your business objectives and marketing strategy following 2020.

How our multi-show agreement works.

We will design, manufacture, and install your bespoke stand and at the end of the show, dismantle the stand and store it in our warehouse. In addition, we factor in that exhibition spaces may vary for each show, and we will store any unused elements for when you need it. Whilst in storage, all our bespoke stand structures are fully protected, using protective covers to ensure the stand elements remain in perfect condition.    

Eco-friendly Exhibition Stands

Reduce, re-use and recycle your exhibition stand as part of an Aboveline multi-show agreement and the rewards will be plentiful:


We offer multi-show agreements to new and existing clients from those who exhibit at several shows per year, to those who exhibit at one show every two years.

Aboveline specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke exhibition stands, producing stunning 3-dimensional marketing and custom-made installations to showcase your brand, your product, and your service. If you are ready to start your next project and want to find out more information about our multi-show agreements, contact our expert team here.

Reduce, re-use and recycle your exhibition stand, and the rewards will be plentiful!