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Setting your exhibition goal…

The most important goal when you’re reviewing your exhibition strategy is to focus on generating brand engagement from your audience. You need to be noticed in the exhibition hall, influence footfall to your stand and tell a story that will connect potential buyers to your business. But the question is, how do you implement brand engagement into your exhibition stand?
At Aboveline we don’t only build bespoke stands, we work with you on brand engagement and design a stand that is guaranteed to get visitors influenced.


So, what is brand engagement?

Brand engagement goes beyond demonstrating your products and services, it engages your audience through storytelling, proactive marketing, and positive experiences. Sharing your brand philosophy and organising events, allows your audience to feel and experience what your business has to offer. Therefore, your client’s positive response becomes a genuine outcome that’s not manipulated, but willingly supportive of your brand. This connection will create potential sales and drive profit with your brand being a memorable encounter at the forefront of their mind.

Reasons why brand engagement is important for your business?

Your business needs brand engagement to allow it to thrive. Engagement keeps your brand alive by your customers connecting to your content and ethics.
We’ve listed the important areas you and your business should focus on when it comes to brand engagement:



To generate awareness of your brand, you first need to establish a connection with your audience.

• Campaigns based on experiences.
• Colours (a signature color can boost recognition by 80%).
• Fonts and graphics.
• A superior logo.
• Vision and Mission statement.
• Quality social media content.



Continuously learn about your audience engagement and study their activities and preference. Analysing your potential customers can help you evolve your brand and provide your audience with exactly what they need.
Offering exclusive incentives can build brand loyalty. One tactic could be to share monthly newsletters with advice related to your product or services. Delivering free added value content will improve your opportunity of achieving loyalty.
Both awareness and loyalty can be implemented into your exhibition stand strategy to ensure brand engagement and the potential to drive sales.

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What to consider with brand engagement when planning your exhibition stand?

If you’re scratching your head and unsure what to consider for brand engagement, we’ve highlighted the main factors to include in your exhibition strategy.

First impressions

You need to ‘wow’ the crowd with a bespoke stand. Remember you’re amongst many others competing for footfall and business. If your brand stands out, you will make an enduring impact. This is one of the most important elements to brand engagement and needs to be at the forefront of your strategy.

Your exhibition hosts

You should select people from your business who represent the energy and dynamism of your brand. They shouldn’t be afraid to speak to passersby and proactively generate interest.

Interactive task

Use your social media platforms and website to encourage brand engagement. Think of ways you can persuade your guests to post about visiting your stand. Get them to participate in a poll or prize draw or to scan a QR code!

Give them something to remember

Nowadays, it doesn’t need to be a bag full of merchandise to get your guests thinking about you. To keep it sustainable, offer something tasty like doughnuts or a unique flavored coffee. Serving refreshments will keep guests engaged for longer, that way they are more likely to participate in interactive events and speak to your hosts.

The most important goal when you’re reviewing your exhibition strategy is to focus on generating brand engagement from your audience. 

Your brand engagement strategy!

With the factors we’ve highlighted to take into consideration, you’ll be able to understand the bigger picture with your stand and generate creative ideas on how you can make it work for your business.

At Aboveline, we will always factor brand engagement into your brief to create a visionary bespoke stand. Your exhibition agency should always consider your end goals, business plan and brand reputation for you to make the ROI you need to make your show worthwhile.

To start planning your exhibition strategy and stand design, contact the team here.