Aboveline Ltd
Wistaston Road Business Centre
Wistaston Road
Crewe, Cheshire

The Objectives

Aboveline were asked to design and build a branded structure for the Gosh! ‘Kindness Cafe’ roadshow, which aimed to spread kindness by offering a free meal in exchange for customers’ pledges to carry out a kind act. The event took place in outdoor public spaces in central London, Dublin and Liverpool, and was supported by the Gosh! #PinYourPledge social media marketing campaign. As well as space for serving food, the cafe structure also needed an area to display pledges and have bold, attractive graphics.

They wanted a colourful, eye catching structure in keeping with the wider campaign, which would attract and engage passers-by, with an element of fun in keeping with the Gosh! motto ‘Playfulness for Good’.


The Challenge


The Result

We created a fun, colourful structure with a serving hatch for food and two large pledge walls on either side, using graphics in brand colours and incorporating the slogans from the wider campaign. Using extra-durable materials and graphic print processes, we were able to ensure that the roadshow structure withstood both reinstallation and the weather. Gosh! were delighted with the result, which they said had worked well for them both on a functional level at the actual events, attracting numerous visitors, and in PR terms as part of the wider social media/marketing campaign.