The Event – The Client

The annual Sibos conference is a key event for the global financial community, a week-long forum bringing together some 8,000 business leaders and finance experts, hundreds of speakers, and circa 200 exhibitors. The event takes place in a different capital city each year; Sibos 2019 was held in London for the first time, and saw record attendance to explore the impact of new technologies on the finance industry.

Hyperledger is a US-based global collaborative project working on groundbreaking blockchain technology for international finance institutions, governed by the Linux Foundation. Hyperledger invited Aboveline to design and build a stylish, functional exhibition stand, for them to promote their project at Sibos 2019.

The Objectives

Hyperledger wanted a clean, modern design with prominent branding to attract and engage visitors. They needed a flexible, multifunctional space which could be used for several different activities throughout the week; including areas for private meetings as well as general networking and group presentations.

The Challenges

  • Design and build an attractive, prominently branded structure to give maximum visibility to Hyperledger.
  • Create a multifunctional space that could be used for networking and presentations, but also included enclosed meeting rooms. Incorporate seating that could be easily stored when not in use without taking up too much space.
  • Working within an unusual shape – the stand was triangular rather than the more usual square or rectangular space, so needed careful design to maximise use of the space available.
  • Working with a US-based client exhibiting in the UK – the different time zone had to be factored in when arranging discussions during the planning and production process.
  • Big event, small timeframe. The project had to be completed faster than usual, giving us only limited time to manufacture the stand in order for it to be transported to and installed in the venue.

The Result

Aboveline created a stylish, contemporary stand design with prominent branding, which was easily adaptable for networking or presentations, with cube seating which could be easily stored when not in use. Maximising the unusual wedge shape, we built a closed area in the wider end of the stand for private meetings and storage.