Case Studies


CPHI 2018

In both 2017 and 2018, Aboveline were asked to build two large exhibition stands for two separate clients at CPHI, the world’s largest pharmaceutical exhibition.

The Clients: Consort Medical (Aesica/Bespak) and Cambrex

Both clients asked for dynamic, engaging and interactive stands with prominent branding and needed ample space for meetings, both private and open, as well as space for networking delegates.

The Challenge

1. Design and build 2 large exhibition stands (Aesica/Bespak14m x8m, Cambrex 17mx11.5m) in two different halls of the event venue.
2. Logistics. Manufacture, transport and install the two stands at the same time, in a venue housing 2500+ other exhibitors.
3. Create highly visible, fully branded spaces which would stand out across the exhibition and attract delegates.


NHS Confederation @ CONFED 2017 & 2018

The Client: NHS Confederation

The NHS Confederation is a membership organisation representing organisations from every part of the NHS. Its role is to represent its members both locally and nationally with the aim of improving care and services for patients and public across the NHS.

The Objective

We were asked to create a structure for the 2018 Confed conference and exhibition at the Manchester Central Conference Centre. The NHS Confederation wanted to build on the design we created for them the previous year, but in a much larger space which would bring together the Confederation member networks.

The Challenge

1. Design and build a structure which would bring together the NHS Confederation group, while giving each one individual brand visibility and equal prominence.
2. Use the style and feel of the 2017 design, but in a space which was 3 ½ times the size of the previous year.
3. Re-use as many components as possible from Confed 2017 to improve value, and design components which could potentially be re-used by individual members.


GOSH! Kindness Café Roadshow (with Beyond Design UK)

The Client: GOSH!

Gosh! is a British food brand producing a range of ‘free from’ plant-based foods which are vegan-friendly and contain no gluten, eggs, nuts, dairy or soya. Their mission is ‘to bring truly nourishing experiences to as many people as possible’ and they aim to build a business model that not only does no harm, but one that actively does good. During this project, Aboveline were working not only with the end client, but also with Beyond Design brand agency and their PR agency as it formed part of a wider Gosh! brand promotion campaign across several different platforms.

The Objective

Aboveline were asked to design and build a branded structure for the GOSH! Kindness Café Roadshow, which aimed to spread kindness by offering a free meal in exchange for customers’ pledges to carry out a kind act.

The Challenge

1. Create a visually exciting structure with facilities for serving food samples, including spaces where customers could pin their pledges.
2. Incorporate the Gosh! branding and colours, and reflect their company ethos and the ‘spreading kindness’ aim of the roadshow.
3. Build a structure which was easy and fast to install and remove, working within differing time constraints and restrictions on site access.