While we are best known as a full-service agency producing top quality exhibition stands, a growing number of our clients are also choosing to use Aboveline to design and build permanent branded areas in their offices and showrooms, secure in the knowledge that they will get the same quality service we bring to all our work.

The Client

Ted Todd is a market leading manufacturer of outstanding high-end hard wood flooring. Their products are unrivalled in quality, using the highest standard of unique and rare woods to create floors that all have individual personalities. Their flooring is used in prestigious design projects and is a favourite of interior designers both in the UK and internationally.

The Objectives

Previously, Aboveline built Ted Todd’s exhibition stand at the Kitchen Bath and Industry Show (KBIS 2019) in Las Vegas.

Ted Todd asked Aboveline to create a branded area for their prestigious London Showroom to showcase samples of their range of luxury flooring, reflecting the same stylish design created for the KBIS event and highlighting the unique quality of their products. To ensure brand consistency, they were keen to re-use components from the Las Vegas stand.

The Challenges

  • Logistics – installing structures in a showroom environment presents different challenges to those faced in an exhibition or trade fair setting; it isn’t possible to drive a lorry into a loading bay, parking is an issue, particularly in London, and access to the work area is much more restricted. Careful planning was needed to decide how best to get all the components into the showroom for installation.
  • Installation – the showroom has very expensive flooring from Ted Todds own range, and we had to build the new branded area on top of this. Great care had to be taken to protect the floor from any damage during the installation. The installation also had to be completed in a very limited time frame which was essential to ensure the showroom wasn’t closed for a long period of time.
  • Re-use of components – we had to be able to use a number of elements from the KBIS stand to create the branded area; these had to be durable enough to be reused and withstand daily use in the showroom setting.
  • Brand match – the materials used for such a prestigious showroom had to reflect the luxury quality of Ted Todd’s products; we had to use high-end materials such as specialist laminate which would resist marking and fingerprints when staff and customers were interacting with the sample products.

The Result

Aboveline created a stylish branded showroom area which reflected the high-end quality of Ted Todd’s products; a luxurious, beautifully designed space where staff and clients could interact with samples of their unique flooring.

We used top quality materials which had a specialist laminate finish to resist marks and fingerprints during daily use, and ensured the showroom was closed for as short a time as possible by completing the work on Bank Holiday.

We were able to reuse existing components from the KBIS stand; as well as guaranteeing brand consistency and quality, this was also cost effective for the client.

Although we are predominantly known as specialists in the design and build of exhibition stands, Aboveline bring that same expertise to the design and build of branded areas in showrooms, offices or reception areas. The process – and the quality of our service – is exactly the same for whatever project we manage.