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Virtual Exhibitions

With the rise in popularity of virtual exhibition spaces, it’s never been more important to craft attention grabbing and engaging digital experiences. Aboveline forge modern and adaptable solutions. We understand how to translate your brand identity into an interactive and engaging online space.

Unconstrained by the limits of time, budget and travel, more people than ever can attend digital tradeshows or exhibitions. This presents new opportunities, and also new challenges to overcome. Virtual exhibition halls require only the press of a button to move from stand to stand. As a result, the requirements for an in person and online brand space differ greatly. At Aboveline we understand that for your virtual exhibition stand to shine, it must be not only interactive but easy and intuitive to navigate.


Virtual product displays also have different requirements, as potential customers cannot see your products in person. Our team is experienced in creating interactive displays that showcase your product in an inspiring and informative light.

We partner closely with you to understand both your vision and your brand. Then we create an engaging virtual exhibition space that will enable you to captivate the crowd with your brand identity and message.

Aboveline’s expertise in designing inviting digital exhibition spaces means that you can host interactive online events that drive customer engagement with your brand.

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Virtual Events

As virtual events become more commonplace, Aboveline are here to help you adapt to this global trend and make it work for your business.

Online events present unique opportunities that are not available in person. Live presentations allow for all audience members to see and hear the presentation in high quality, regardless of where they are in the world. Such presentations have a much higher level of interactivity. Real time chats allow presenters to see the audience’s comments and questions. This means they can respond to them quickly and easily. Green screens can also add ingenuity and originality to your presentation. They allow for a backdrop to the event that can change as required. At the same time, the face-to-face value of anyone onstage is not lost.

Virtual spaces possess a flexibility and versatility that can be hard to match. Online meeting rooms allow for meetings to take place regardless of where in the world the attendees are. They also eliminate the need for a physical space and the hurdles that can arise finding somewhere suitable. In such an online meeting room it is quick and easy to share files in real time, uploading them and sharing screens as needed.

Engagement is key to any event. We use interactivity and virtual storytelling to provide an event that has your brand message woven throughout and will stand out in the best way. Our event platforms are designed to be unique, captivating, and easily navigable; they are sure to leave a lasting impression.

At Aboveline we use our expertise to ensure that each event platform we develop is individual and tailored to its purpose. We partner with you and work closely to deliver a bespoke digital event that your customers will never forget.

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