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How We Do It

Idea & Concept

Right from the first ideas scribbled on a notepad to the start of the exhibition or event we will design, manage, manufacture, transport and install the whole project. We are there every step of the way.


We need to be involved in the process as early as possible, making a project we embark upon to be a true collaboration. Together we can discover ideas, form a coherent timeline and put plans into action. Together we will turn the vision into a stunning three dimensional marketing campaign.


We are comfortable working to deadlines and with regular progress updates, you can be right there with us for every development and every success. It is important that the partnership we create be as equal as possible, so that we can collaborate effectively and celebrate milestones together.


We pre-build our creations in Cheshire and ship them all over the world to exhibitions, events and roadshows. Our clients are from such varied sectors and industries we do not specialise in any one area of business.


Whatever results you plan to achieve from face to face marketing activity, we can help.