The Aboveline process – this is how we do it

Working with you, Aboveline have the knowledge and the experience to help bring your creative ideas to life. This tried and tested process has been developed by our expert team, and over many years – and it works really well.

Your Aboveline journey starts with our Sales and Marketing team, who will discuss your ideas and requirements – the location, the venue, the size of the structure and what you want to achieve, and how we can create a solution to accommodate your project criteria.

The creative process continues in the design department, who will show you what your finished structure could be like. We begin with mood boards and a brainstorm of concepts and ideas until we find the design that’s perfect for you. Then we produce digital visuals in 2D and 3D so you can see your ideas beginning to take shape.

Once the design is finalised, its our project management team who take charge of making it happen. They oversee every aspect of the build and installation to make sure everything runs smoothly. They love tackling challenges, but more importantly they’re great at identifying any potential difficulties and dealing with them before they even happen.

Their job includes the essential details that ensure everything goes smoothly such as; meeting health and safety requirements, insurance cover, and liaising with the venues about equipment and important timings amongst many others.

“The collaborative design process achieved an amazing result with great staff enthusiasm.” – Liz Rawlings – Communications Manager – Dechra

Under the supervision of a project manager your project is manufactured by our multi-skilled operations and production staff in our on-site workshop. Our team includes, in-house joiners, painters, and electricians, as well as a huge network of trusted experts we can call on to make sure your project is delivered on time, on target and on budget.

During this stage, Aboveline offers an extra prebuild service not provided by most suppliers. Before adding the branding and the graphics, we will put the basic structure together in our workshop so that you can see exactly what it will look like at your event.

Our prebuild service allows you to see exactly how the space works, where everything will fit and if you have any slight alterations that can be made with plenty of time left in the schedule, rather than finding out at the last minute.

Your finished structure is then wrapped and packed up securely in one of our trailers ready to be transported to the venue – where it will be installed by the same team that built and packaged it.

After your event, Aboveline will dismantle your stand as efficiently as we built it, and we can either dispose of it for you or store it for use at future events in our on-site warehouse.