About Us

Welcome to the wonderful world of Aboveline. Where the sun always shines, flowers bloom and the skies are blue. Really?

Well not quite, but our ethos is that a working relationship with Aboveline is sunny, successful and satisfying. A partnership which bears fruit, is happy, informal, relaxed and most importantly prosperous.


From the original idea to the moment you’re standing proudly alongside the finished structure, whatever the concept, we can provide the end to end solution for all your customer facing marketing needs.

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We provide the right people who will work together alongside you on your project. People who are focussed on making every step of the journey with you, from the initial concept through design and creation, to distribution and delivery. We can even provide people to help with your event or to train your existing team to be better experiential marketers.


Our people plan, imagine, build, create and deliver, but above all else, they work with you on a personal level. The Aboveline personality is approachable and helpful, qualities you will recognise from the very beginning of our partnership – you can talk to us about anything! Our people love the work that they do and enjoy the challenges set before them.

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In every aspect of our relationship, we remain distinctly professional, to ensure that we are able to consistently deliver an effective service. It is important to us that you remain happy with our progress and the decisions that are made. Open communication is paramount to maintaining a successful, professional partnership.


Aboveline has been successfully promoting brands over 30 years and has developed into a full-service supplier with a great reputation. Christine, our founding member, is consistently dedicated to making the business a success and is a committed, professional designer. Three decades of development and progression have allowed Aboveline to build up a bank of knowledge and experience that is essential to all face to face marketing managers.

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