Custom Exhibition Stand Designer

Bespoke Exhibition Stand Designer & Builder

At Aboveline we have an exceptionally talented team of designers who can work with you on creative ideas and realise them into a stand design as part of our complete exhibition solution.

When you need your exhibition stand design to help you stand out from the crowd and draw in the visitors, our bespoke exhibition stand design service delivers. We can bring you completely new ideas or incorporate existing elements to create a suite of exhibition components that are on brand, meet your brief and are guaranteed to be high impact.


Delivering everything you would expect from an exhibition stand manufacturer.

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Highly-experienced technicians who will build your bespoke stand on site.

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Inspirational Design

A success driven approach

Your bespoke exhibition stand design starts with the end in mind: what does success look like and what are your key objectives for the event. By understanding the key outcomes you need to achieve, we can ensure the design of your exhibition stand delivers.

From a highly visual design through to a narrative led or technology driven approach, our designers listen first before unleashing their creativity.

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Maximising your events strategy

Repeated brand exposure

Committing to a bespoke exhibition stand is a great investment with an exceptional return.  Giving you recurring brand exposure whilst minimising ad-hoc event spend, an Aboveline exhibition stand contract will make it quick, simple and cost effective to deliver an impactful events strategy that will bring a return on investment.

Bespoke approach to present your brand

A custom designed exhibition package is the most effective way to portray your brand ethos when attending exhibitions. By tailoring the design to your brand and business objectives, our highly talented team can deliver a suite of event components that will have a high impact, present your narrative clearly and grab the attention of your target delegates in a unique way.

Creative blank slate 

Our design team will create a concept that is unique to your business, ensuring that even in the busiest of environments, you stand out from the crowd. With innovation and creativity at their core, our designers thrive on the challenge of bringing your vision to life in the finished exhibition stand.

A flexible and bespoke exhibition stand

We understand the need for driving efficiencies in events, which is why our bespoke stand packages are designed to be flexible. Individual elements can be combined in multiple ways to create a refreshed stand layout or the entire stand design can be re-installed at future events to deliver your marketing objectives. 

Bespoke approach to your exhibition stand

Creative design to achieve results

Once your bespoke exhibition stand brief is agreed, it’s our job to deliver the rest. Our design team will learn all about your business and your brand to incorporate what’s important into the design. We collaborate every step of the way, crafting a design that can flow seamlessly into the project management phase.

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