Environment & Sustainability

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Exhibition Stands

The world is becoming more environmentally aware. From travel and logistics to where materials are sourced from, we all have a role to play in driving a more sustainable future.

At Aboveline we are working hard with our own suppliers, partners and clients to make positive changes, approaching each project as an opportunity to lead the way in eco-conscious choices.

Multi-Show Agreement

Sustainable value for the long-term

Aboveline’s industry leading multi-show agreement is designed to prevent wastage. This allows us to extend the lifespan of your exhibition stand across multiple events, while promoting sustainability at every possible opportunity. This commercially practical option means you can showcase your brand at several exhibitions using one set of components.  When you need to drive visibility, promote your reputation and increase brand awareness, this multi-show approach is a great way to align with your business and marketing objectives.

We will design, manufacture and install your bespoke stand and at the end of each show, we will dismantle the stand and store it in our warehouse. We understand that exhibition space may vary for each show, and so use your existing components in intelligent and flexible ways to create the perfect solution every time. Whilst in storage, all your bespoke stand components are fully protected, using protective covers to ensure they remain in perfect condition.    

Benefits of Multi-Stand Agreement

A sustainable approach to events

Designed to last

An environmentally and eco-aware approach meaning you only need components manufacturing once.

Cost effective

Reusable stands are a sound investment as your initial purchase gives you a multi-event return.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Multiple use items will reduce waste in the long term and boost your green credentials.

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Investing in a more sustainable future

 Environmentally-friendly business

The events industry has found it difficult to adopt a completely sustainable agenda. The need to manufacture stand elements in line with each client’s brief, the limited choice and cost of eco-friendly materials and the carbon footprint caused by site travel have all made it more complex to claim environmentally-friendly credentials.  At Aboveline we have already adopted many sustainable processes and are consistently working on more to enable us to take better care of our environment.


Stand materials

Looking for options that have been, or can be, recycled.


Bespoke approach to projects

Working together to provide the most environmentally aware result.


Wood burner

Disposing of waste material in a wood burner generates energy and heat for our manufacturing plant.


Making eco-friendly choices

Installing stands for multiple shows rather than one offs and integrating more sustainable material options.

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