Surestore offers both domestic and commercial self-storage facilities across the Midlands and North of England, and has become a fast-growing market leader which prides itself with a comprehensive service throughout. Unlike the majority of self-storage providers, Surestore has a simple online booking and payment system for both short and long term storage plans. They also offer some units with basic office facilities, designed to suit online retailers.

The objectives

Aboveline were asked to design and build a branded reception and retail area for Surestores new site in Bolton. Their major requirement was that the space should be functional, built around the needs of their day to day business activities, and include a product display area. We were initially contracted to carry out the Bolton project, with a view to repeating the process at Surestores other sites across the Midlands and North of England.

The challenge

Design and build a fully branded reception area which facilitated Surestores business activity, using durable materials to withstand long term daily use.

Incorporate space for the sale of retail merchandise, with adaptable display units to hold a varied and changing range of products.

Complete the project within a limited timeframe, which was essential to ensure that the site opened on schedule.

Create a functional design which was scalable and could be adapted for use in different sized and shaped premises across Surestores sites.

The result

Aboveline were able to design and build a branded space which fulfilled all of Surestores day to day needs, incorporating traditional reception facilities, an area where staff could meet with clients, and a versatile metal mesh display unit to hold a range of retail products. Surestore appreciated the fact that Aboveline were based within easy reach of all their sites, enabling them to be fully involved with the process at all stages, including being able to see what their finished space would look like using our pre-build viewing service. This also meant lower logistics and transport costs, which was more cost effective for the client. We have since completed reception areas on a further three existing Surestore sites, and are contracted to build on all their existing and future premises. Although being predominantly known as specialists in the design and build of exhibition stands, Aboveline are also fully equipped to cater for the design, manufacture and installation of showrooms, offices, receptions and many other areas.

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