Creative Ideas For Exhibition Stands: The Ultimate Guide.

Thinking of creative ideas for exhibition stands can be a challenge if you’re unsure how to capture and influence your audience at a show.

February 17, 2022


We’ve designed, we’ve built and now we’ve listed creative ways you can enhance your exhibition stand to ensure you’re representing your brand in the best way possible.

Thinking of creative ideas for exhibition stands can be a challenge if you’re unsure how to capture and influence your audience at a show. However, you don’t have to bear that burden, at Aboveline our passion is reflected in our creative flare, and we love nothing more than to go to the drawing board and generate creative ideas for your exhibition stand.

Whether your industry is pharmaceutical, housewares or even the public sector we can create an exhibition stand or event space that will bring your brand to life and promote your ethics and culture.

Nowadays it’s important to design your stand with your audience in mind. Setting an objective and goal for your show attendance will help generate ideas for making creative bespoke exhibition stands. For example, if the purpose of your stand is to network, Aboveline would design an area in which you can entertain your visitors with drinks.

We’ve listed the top creative ideas for exhibition stands:


Over the years, we’ve seen a huge rise in our clients’ briefs stating they need an area on their stand for networking. And what’s better than networking with a brew?! We always advise our clients to opt for a bistro area as this helps bring visitors to your stand and is a fantastic way of starting a conversation. A nice ‘cuppa’ is great for attracting an audience and helping you to be remembered.

There’s so much more to a bistro area than a coffee machine or a kettle. We always ensure your brand is reflected in the design, so we’ll always match mugs, utensils, light shades, and counters with your brand colour palette.


It’s a proven fact that greenery can help lift moods and increase productivity. When influencing visitors to your stand, plants, artificial and real, can create positive vibes and attract attention to your stand. They’re also handy if you have a small gap to fill on your stand making it really dynamic.


We’ve recently seen a trend in wooden structures such as pergolas on exhibition stands or event spaces. These look smart, modern, and great for creating a divide between your stand and your networking area. This works well if you have a big space to fill and you can decorate it with either your brand colours, greenery or lights.


Wall partitions are great for dividing up parts of your stand. This is ideal if your business is part of a group where you need to display all the brands. This is also great for dividing up different product categories or services on your stand. It’s also brilliant for sectioning quiet corners or meeting rooms where you can deliver business meetings away from the exhibition crowds. We can create half wall partitions and dress them with greenery or branded décor.


Offering a workstation to exhibition visitors provides them with a space to send quick emails, take notes and organise their schedule. As well as attending the show, visitors will still have ongoing work commitments and would appreciate you offering a workstation. This would also draw more attention and conversations surrounding your stand – all the visitors would know you!


Audiences prefer to read short snippets of what your brand can offer them before they venture onto your stand. If your graphics are designed with lots of visuals and interesting features, they are more than likely going to pay you a visit. It’s important to understand your objectives for the show and what you’re looking to achieve from it so that we can produce a creative design to influence visitors.


At Aboveline, we create bespoke exhibition stands for all our clients and offer ideas that will influence your audience and drive a return on investment.  If you do have an upcoming show and you’re unsure how to approach it, our door is always open, and we’d love to welcome you to our fully equipped manufacturing facility in Cheshire. We’re always happy to discuss how our expertise in 3-dimentional marketing and tailor-made installations can showcase your brand, your product, and your service to thousands of exhibition attendees.


Our portfolio showcases our completed projects so that you can easily see for yourself the quality of work we produce.

Each bespoke or modular stand comes with its own set of challenges that we consistently overcome to design and create a finished product that captures the brand identity of our clients.

We always aim to go above and beyond client expectations with our bespoke exhibition stands and the best proof of our expertise is in the exceptional projects we’ve worked on around the world.

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